You can store them on ICOBox platform or in any Ethereum wallet.
Yes we do have. Escrow service is provided by PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal.
All funds are kept in ETH, BTC, BHC & LTC in cold storage in safety deposit boxes at reputable banks.
Up-to-date information on BAILS token sales and collected amounts is published in real time on our website https://ico.bailsman.co/
You can make a payment by transferring funds from any BTC or ETH wallet. The funds are credit to your personal account in the system, from where you can pay for the tokens you wish to buy in the initial offering of BAILS tokens.
We do not charge any fees on payments. However, third party payment processors may charge fees.
We have set a first milestone of EUR 10,000,000. If collected amount is below this milestone, team will make strategic changes in the steps how to continue further.
We have set EUR 60,000,000 as a hard cap, it has divided into milestones.
Listing the tokens to exchanges are still under the discussion. That will depend on the developments in legislation, hopefully in a direction that allows that.
Yes, Bailsman team tokens will be frozen for 6 months.
Yes, you can deposit your tokens in any Ethereum wallet.
The vast majority of the system's tokens is kept in cold storage, and we ensure the strict safety procedures. Account access in secured with two-factor verification which prevents unauthorized access.
We are using the ICOBox system and that is designed and developed by the team of the internationally acclaimed cryptographer Dmitry Khovratovich, who is a security expert at the University of Luxembourg.
Our wallet is held separately from the system and protected with several security layers and processes.
Minimum token purchase is 1 BAILS token. Token sale volume is 2,000,000,000 BAILS. Purchase amount is not limited by us.
Tokens are distributed by the ICOBox platform.
Yes, BAILS tokens comply with EIP-20 standard. Yes, BAILS token can be transferred to an external Ethereum wallet.
We are based in Tallinn, Estonia.
The current market situation requires that clients possess large amounts of extra funds for security deposits, which either they don’t have or can use for other purposes. At the same time, those security deposit funds are tied down, unused for the whole service period (in some cases even longer), and cannot be used by either party for more necessary or profitable purposes. On other side, in order to keep security deposits affordable, merchants are forced to take uncovered risks against clients.
Bailsman provides a third party guarantee to the merchant for a small fee that is paid by the client, meaning there is no longer any need to make a security deposit payment and tie up cash. At the same time, Bailsman allows merchants to ask for the needed security deposit amount, free of charge, and without fear of frightening potential clients away.